These docs are for AuthRocket 1. Looking for AuthRocket 2 docs?


AuthRocket uses “Realms” to provide separate datastores within a single account.

A realm can be thought of as a project or environment.

If you have multiple projects that should have separate user datastores, then use separate realms.

However, multiple projects that will share a user datastore (such as when using SSO) should use the same realm.

We also recommend using separate realms for different environments, such as development, staging, QA, and production.

To manage all realms across your account, either go to Your Accounts and click on the selected account, or if inside a realm already, click on the Realm dropdown menu and select Manage realms.

Adding realms

Use Add realm to create a new, empty realm.

Use Add realm w/sample data to create a new realm, prepopulated with some sample users and orgs. This is super useful when first getting started with AuthRocket or for a new development environment where you don’t have any kind of seeding script to otherwise populate your own sample data.

Sample data realms also preconfigure the email hooks to automatically send all data to the person creating the realm, instead of sending those emails to the actual email addresses. This is great for testing, but if you later convert your sample realm to production (or sometimes staging) use, remember to reconfigure your email hooks to send normal emails.

Adding realms requires “Manage all realms” permissions.

Realm name

Mostly used in the UI, but is also often used as a merge field in outbound emails. For production realms, we recommend something like “My App”, whereas for dev, testing, etc., we suggest adding a qualifier like “My App (staging)”. The title of your hosted login pages is set elsewhere, so this doesn’t necessarily have to match that.

Usernames for Humans

AuthRocket has two ways of handling usernames:

  • Using emails as usernames (must be email addresses), and
  • Using separate usernames and emails (may be anything).
Email addresses

By default, AuthRocket requires every User’s email to be unique within the realm (must be unique). Change this to may be duplicated if you don’t mind if email addresses are duplicated across accounts.

See Realm Settings for a more complete discussion of these settings.

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