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Changing the URL in Email Verification

Q: I’ve enabled email verification. The URL in the email verification contains a URL to AuthRocket which then does a redirect. Is it possible to change where the redirect goes? Ideally I would like it to redirect to my site, not the LoginRocket login page.

A: If Seamless SSO is disabled (see Realm -> Settings -> LoginRocket), the user is always sent back to the login page.

With Seamless SSO enabled, if the user is still logged in (which is often the case), they are redirected to either the Login Handler (and thus into your app) or if redirect_uri is specified (see LoginRocket Redirect Handling), it will redirect there instead.

The email that’s sent is fully customizable (at Settings -> Emails -> user.email_verification.requested). It wouldn’t be too hard to add the redirect_uri if the default Login Handler URL isn’t the desired destination.

The other option is to process the verification token inside your own app. In that case, customize the email URL to point to your app and pass along the {{token}} and {{username}} fields.

Your app, at that URL, can then call our Verify an Email API to complete the verification and redirect to a place of your choosing.

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