These docs are for AuthRocket 1. Looking for AuthRocket 2 docs?

Account: Payment method

Payment method shows your current balance and payment method, and provides a way to update your payment method.

Both “Manage Accounts” and “Manage Payments” permissions may view this page. Only “Manage Payments” may update the payment method.

Amount due is the current amount due. If this isn’t paid, service will be interrupted.

Total balance shows the total current balance. If Total balance is different than Amount due, then any amount in excess of Amount due will be included on your next invoice. If it’s less than Amount due, then it reflects an account credit that will be applied to your next invoice. If it reflects a credit and Amount due is greater than zero, the credit will be applied to your next invoice, not the current one. Please contact us if you’d like any credit moved to the current invoice.

We typically invoice only once per month although we may invoice mid-month upon a plan upgrade if the total balance reaches a certain threshold.

We know how important AuthRocket is to your workflow and our goal is always to see any payment issue resolved without service interruption. We retry failed payments multiple times over several days while keeping your service fully operational. For each payment attempt failure, we will automatically email each team member with “Manage Payments” permissions. If you have any trouble getting a payment issue resolved, please reach out to us as early as possible so we can assist in getting everything worked out.

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