These docs are for AuthRocket 1. Looking for AuthRocket 2 docs?

Account: Team

Team is used to manage the other people who have access to this AuthRocket account. It requires “Manage Account” permissions to access.

Use Add team member to add another user to your account. Users are added using their email address. If the user already has an AuthRocket account, they’ll be immediately added to your account.

If they don’t, we’ll automatically send them an invitation email. We delay sending this email for a few minutes so that if a mistake is made while entering the email, it can be corrected before the invitation goes out.

In all cases, permissions can be immediately set for each team member.

Permission User data Realm configuration Other
Read realms Read Read most -
Write realms Read/write Read most -
Manage realms Read/write Read/write -
Manage payments - - View invoices; Manage payment method
Manage account - - Manage users, subscription/plan, account

Read, Write, and Manage realms are all additive. That is, Write realms includes Read, and Manage realms includes Read and Write.

Manage payments and Manage account are each independent and only affect their respective rights.

The account owner automatically has all rights.

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