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Example: Data Structure for a SaaS Business

Q: I’m trying to put together a SaaS business. Out of curiousity, do you use AuthRocket to manage AuthRocket? If so, would you be willing to share how your data is structured?

A: Yes, AuthRocket is built on top of AuthRocket!

Here’s how we use AuthRocket ourselves. We use 2 separate Realms for each environment: 1 for our customers and 1 for our staff—customers and staff are completely separate. Each Realm has a Connected App since we also use LoginRocket to handle our own logins. Each AuthRocket account is managed as an Org and we attach subscription/plan data to the Org. We use Users and Memberships pretty much like you’d expect. We also give the first User for each Org an extra owner permission on their Membership to help us track who created the original Org (useful for some of our business metrics).

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