These docs are for AuthRocket 1. Looking for AuthRocket 2 docs?


The integration tab shows all of the parameters that might be necessary to connect your app to AuthRocket.

Use the API keys and Connected Apps selectors to select which key and/or connected app to show integration parameters for.

Unlike Account Settings -> API keys, this page is viewable by all team members that have access to this realm. However, API keys listed on this page will only include keys with the same or lesser permissions as the currently viewing user.

So, if the viewing user has “Read/Write” permissions and there are two API keys on the account, one with “Read” and one with “Read/Write/Manage”, only the “Read” API key will be shown. The “Read/Write/Manage” key will be excluded because its permissions exceed those for the currently viewing user.

If no keys or no connected apps are shown, then either there are no keys or apps present or none accessible to the viewing user.

Secret API key

This is the secret key to access the AuthRocket API. As the name suggests, it should be kept secret and not embedded in a client app or sent to a client web browser. It should be used server-side only.


AuthRocket accounts can be provisioned in multiple clusters. Use this URL for accessing the AuthRocket API.

Realm ID

The ID of the current realm. If you are setting a default realm ID in your API client, use this ID (only recommended if a particular app will access only this realm).

JWT secret / JWT key

The JWT secret or JWT key is used to decode JWT tokens. Depending on the realm’s settings, it may be longer or shorter. If it has “PUBLIC KEY” as part of the key’s contents itself, then it is a publicly shareable key and can be used both server-side and client-side (eg: in a browser or native app). All other keys are secret keys and must not be exposed in a client app or web browser; these must be used server-side only. The JWT secret is only shown if the viewing user has permission to view it (“Manage realm” permissions).

LoginRocket URL

If you are using LoginRocket, this is the base URL to LoginRocket. This URL is also used by authrocket.js.

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