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Using Seamless SSO

Q: Help me understand the flexibility of SSO. We have a few properties (eg: AppA, AppB, and AppC) and would like to ease moving between them for our users as much as possible. The issue is that our users might not realize that both AppA and AppB are made by us before signing in/signing up. Do you have any ideas for/experience with that sort of situation?

A: Seamless logins between AppA, AppB, and AppC are totally possible.

Our Seamless SSO feature is designed for exactly this case. It uses managed sessions, so logging out in one place will also logout every property.

If a user is already logged in to AppA and hits the login page for AppB, their existing session is remembered and picked up, and handed off to AppB without the user seeing the login page at all. If needed, AppB can just check for a local record of some sort and if not present, assume this is their first login to AppB.

For the user experience, we’d recommend branding the login system as something cross-app, like their “ ID” or similar. The key is that when a user goes to login to AppB, even if they don’t know you also made AppA, they’ll catch the unified login branding. This is stronger if you combine it with a dedicated logo or other visual that can help jog their memory.

If it’s a small number of apps (say up to 5-7 or so), you could even just put all of the logos across the login page in a way that helps people realize that one login works for all of it. As a benefit, it might assist cross-branding and upselling efforts.

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