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Email Verification Basics

Q: I want to automate email verification with AuthRocket. Is there an option to let AuthRocket handle it, or do I need to do all the processing on my side?

A: We have automated email verification. You can turn it on for a Realm in: Settings -> LoginRocket. It’s on the right side: simply change to Request or Require and AuthRocket will automatically verify any new signups after that point.

Emails can be customized just like any other auto-generated email (or replaced with a webhook).

As you might guess from the context, this is all part of LoginRocket, our hosted logins feature.

If you want to use it directly via the API, there’s an email_verification field on User, which will tell you the present status and can also trigger the proper emails. There are also API calls to resend & verify the tokens further down the page.

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