These docs are for AuthRocket 1. Looking for AuthRocket 2 docs?

Customizing LoginRocket

AuthRocket’s hosted login pages are visually customizable. Our standard pages are fairly basic and use Bootstrap 3 compatible markup.

For each Connected App, there are options to add an External CSS file and to add HTML for both the Header and Footer.

The External CSS file should point to a CSS file that you make available somewhere else. A reference to your CSS file will be automatically added after our own CSS files. This means your CSS only needs to include what you want changed, not everything else.

Our page markup also includes some extra IDs beginning with lr- to make them easy to target via CSS.

The Header and Footer are added at the beginning and end of each page, respectively. They are useful for a wide variety of content, including logos, menus, navigation, contact info, etc.


CSS and any referenced images should be hosted via HTTPS to avoid browser warnings.

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