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Simple User accounts

AuthRocket is flexible enough to support a variety of account styles, from simple to complex. For an overview, see Storing accounts within AuthRocket.

This document discusses the most simplified general use case we see, where 1 User = 1 Account. Sometimes this even goes so far as to really be just individual authenticated users without a concept of an account.

In this situation, each user will have one User record in AuthRocket. There is no need for a separate account (or Org) record.

Usually there is no need for a Membership record either, although on occasion a Membership record is created to take advantage of the permissions field which is usually populated with tags that identify which features are enabled on this account. Note that in this case, the Membership record will not contain an org_id.

If at some point in the future it is necessary to support added team members on this account, Orgs and Memberships can be created at that time. See Single-owner accounts with team members.

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