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Latency and Uptime

Q: I would like to get more information regarding AuthRocket Availability (SLA) and Latency. Where are you hosted and how do you ensure 99.99% up time ?

A: The terms of our 99.99% SLA are detailed in our Terms of Service (about halfway down the page). We are hosted in multiple zones inside AWS’s US-East region. To date we have never fallen below 99.99% availability.

We do monitor latency within our stack, from the outermost layer (load balancer) all the way in, and it is a priority to keep latency down. Obviously network latency between our servers and yours can vary. Many of our customers host inside AWS US-East and the latency is very low, as you’d expect, but being on the US east coast, it’s still great for the US west coast and Europe too. We also support keep-alive which reduces latency quite a bit, especially at higher volumes.

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