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Using LinkedIn with Mobile

Q: How do I present a “Login with LinkedIn” button in my mobile app?

A: For LinkedIn on native mobile apps, your best bet is likely to use a web view and let LoginRocket (our hosted logins feature) handle the redirects and the LinkedIn login itself. Then, once your app extracts the AuthRocket login token, you can verify the login (as needed via your server).

If you also need to access LinkedIn on behalf of that user, then use the Get a Credential API call (via your server) to grab an updated copy of the LinkedIn credential. For social auth credentials, that API will return the most recent access_token which you can use to access LinkedIn directly.

Most of the social login providers also make it possible to use a native login (eg: iOS’s native Facebook auth) and then extract the native SDK’s token and pass it back to us (See: Authenticate Using an Access Token). This definitely makes for a better user experience than a web view. Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not support this as of this writing.

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