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Users, Orgs, and Memberships

Q: I’m looking for some more details of Orgs and Users and how the relationships look.

A: Relationships between Users and Orgs are quite flexible. They’re connected on a many-to-many basis using Memberships. It’s possible to use Orgs as groups, families, organizations, or just about any other grouping/relationship. The membership “permissions” structure itself is just a set of tags and so is useful to describe anything from traditional permissions to attributes about the relationship (eg: owner, group-organizer, head-of-household, etc).

AuthRocket includes a UI to view, search, and manage Users, Orgs, and Memberships.

Try using our Getting Started process to build a sample realm (a realm is just an isolated data container), which will be auto-populated with sample Users, Orgs, and Memberships, giving you an idea of how everything works and relates, as well as letting you interact with that data as if it were your own.

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