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Making User Login Easier and Faster

Q: We want to allow our users to securely login to their respective portal with a single click, or only an email address. This will eliminate lost password issues, and hopefully increase engagement in our portals by removing the access barrier. Can you help with this?

A: We can. There are a few ways to address expediting sign-in to your portals.

One would be integrating social login. AuthRocket can certainly be a help here, as integrating AuthRocket is straight-forward and you integrate with us only once, letting us deal with the complexities of connecting up to multiple social providers (which each have their quirks). This is probably the quickest way to get to ‘single click’ login.

Second would be extending the valid login session time so people don’t have to login as frequently. This can be combined with any other login process you use. AuthRocket can help here as we can store extended logins and automatically re-login to your site (part of our Seamless SSO feature)—all with zero clicks.

If people login to more than one portal, a third option is your own SSO. AuthRocket can manage all of this for you too. Our Seamless SSO enables seamless login between apps for as long as the session persists.

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